Back again!

I decided to start posting again. I was really busy… Im so sorry. Starting on next saturday I will start normally posting cheats and etc.! Thanks to all my fans..



New Field Op!

Hello Agents!  We have a new Field op!

Accept the field op, And go the Cave Mine.

Answer your  Spy Phone.  Today we have to destroy the circuts!

Use your mouse to match the circuts with the other pair.

Once you finish, You will earn a medal and get this message from Jet Pack Guy:

Congrats! Training op Complete!!! 😀



Get FREE CP membership!

Hey guys!  CP’s domain expired, as you know.  But as a gift, You can call CP and get a free week of membership!

Step 1: Call CP on this number:  1- 888-861-4111

Step 2: Ask about  the Week Membership.

Step 3: Answer the questions that the person asks.

Step 4: The person will give you a free week membership!



Awesome! This is great for non-members and members as well. 🙂  Remember to ask a parent or guardian before calling. And be nice! Do not yell ‘I WANT A FREE MEMBERSHIP!!!’.   Call very fast! The offer ends soon!